Can you guess these emoji movie and songs?

  • 📃 ✈️
  • 👩🏽➕ 🐸👑
  • 👶🏼🧜🏻‍♀️
  • 👩🏽➕👹
  • 🦁🤴🏻
  • 👸🏼➕𝟳 🧔🏼
  • 🎶🛎🎸
  • 😆→🌎
  • 💃🏼👸🏼
  • 🙎🏻‍♂️⚡️🏰

Show me your answers in the comments!!


Iris xx

Week 8 – Let’s Reflect

  • How many weeks of the challenge did you participate in?– I participated in only 4 posts, I wish I could’ve done more but our school had to home school so I didn’t have time! 🙁

  • How many posts did you write in the 8 week period?- I partook in all 3

  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers, or other visitors?– I got 18 comments and some included commenters!

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? – I really enjoyed writing my food waste post for earth day because I am really passionate about finding solutions to this massive problem!

  • What are your plans for your blog now? Will you keep posting?- I think I will continue blogging and posting fun things for all to enjoy!

See you all!!

Iris xx

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

My blog plans!

I have had lots of fun taking part in the SBC 2020 and I have learnt so many cool ideas and visited amazing blogs! I am so sad that I only got to complete 4 posts but I will go back and complete them. I want to thank everybody especially Kathleen and all of the volunteer commenters!

My Ideas

  • One week we could of done a post about cooking and posting your favourite recipe!
  • Maybe we could of even done a post about sport and hobbies!
  • I really enjoyed Niamh’s blog and I will definitely keep looking at her blog! https://niamhcbgs.edublogs.org/


Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash                        Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash            Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash


Iris xx

What I though Abut Comments!


When I was  looking at other peoples blogs, I saw such great blogs! People have such great creativity ad I have so much in common with some other girls! Some people talked about COVID -19 and it really inspired me to keep going and to be kind to everybody!


I saw so many cool blogs and designs! My favourite was a girl named Annabella! She had these cool photos and she had put a pretty theme on her blog!


I was surprised by so much! One girl named Ellie (I think) had made THREE avatars! One was a turtle (haha)! Ellie (I think) had put so much effort into ALL of he posts and it was really fun to read!

Annabella – https://mvcsstudent74.edublogs.org/ : Annabella’s blog was so pretty and full of fun posts! You should definitely check her blog out!

Chloe – https://canariescoco.edublogs.org/ : I loved Chloe’s blog because she had put so much effort into her book review and she loved Hogwarts just like me!

Ellie – https://ellieayer19.edublogs.org/ : Ellie’s blog was sooo interesting and she did a great book review about ‘Racing in the Rain’! She used so much colour and she is a great writer!


Iris !! 🙂




March 1st 2020 – Iris

  • Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles on planet earth!
  • Crocodiles are closely related to dinosaurs and birds!
  • Crocodiles actually produce tears!
  • Crocodiles don’t chew their food (eww gross!)!
  • Crocodiles can keep there jaw open underwater!
  • Since Crocodiles are so big, there is a species called ‘Dwarf species’!
  • Crocodiles don’t produce any sweat!
  • Crocodiles have amazing night vision!

My beach paradise Avatar!!


SBC- Week 1

Posted on March 18, 2020

The first task on the SBC 2020 is writing a post about your avatar, this is mine…

 I made my avatar on this website  and my avatar is a representation of me!

I have brown hair that is fairly below my shoulders, I like to wear blue and coloured clothes since blue is my favourite colour.

When me and my family go on beach holidays I enjoy building sun-castles and swimming in the ocean with my sisters and cousins.

I am a very funny and easy- going person which is why I like to wear bright and colourful clothes. I don’t usually wear plane white or black clothes as it simply just doesn’t represent me.

I haven’t been blogging for very long but I already know I love it, while blogging I get to produce my inner creativity!


That is the end of Post 1 Week 1 , I hope you enjoyed it and comment down below! 😊xx



Commenting on others post

Comment 1- 4/10 This comment has many spelling mistakes and it is not focused on providing helpful feedback for the blogger.

Comment 2- 8/10 This comment is very interactive, it has asked questions to pose a sense of wonder for the blogger. It has excellent spelling and punctuation and it is very helpful and informative.

Comment 3- 6/10 This comment is good because it is providing the blogger with a sense of accomplishment since he/she has helped the reader despite this the commenter has not given any helpful feedback or advice for the blogger.

Comment 4- 3/10 This comment is not helpful for the blogger in any way. Sally has talked about irrelevant topics and has used various slang words and has many spelling and punctuation errors.

Comment 5- 7/10 This comment is quite helpful and effective in regards to the blogger, Tom has given feedback in many areas of the post. Despite saying this I would have used better wording in some sentences.

Comment 6- 2/10 This comment is about a completely irrelevant topic and doesn’t give the blogger any helpful information. It has many spelling errors and it uses slang and text words.

Comment 7- 3/10 This comment has basically zero helpful information and the person who commented didn’t give any reasons for liking it.

Comment 8- 7/10 This comment is interesting even though Dianne disagrees with the blogger, she says it in a polite way to show her thinking. 

From most to least helpful-

  1. Comment 2

2. Comment 5

3. Comment 8

4. Comment 3

5. Comment 1

6. Comment 4

7. Comment 7

8. Comment 6

Country of Focus Week 6- Cambodia

Image result for cambodia flag


  1. Currently, the Cambodian flag has two blue stripes and a red center. The white building in the middle is the Angkor Wat.

2. Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia.

3. Cambodia’s capital city is Phnom Penh.

4. Cambodia is located in the northern hemisphere as well as the eastern hemisphere, it is in the tropical zone.

5. Cambodia’s official national language is Khmer, it is spoken by nearly 90% of Cambodia’s population!

6. Cambodia’s official national currency is the Cambodian Riel, 1 Australian dollar equals 2,656.23 Cambodian Riel.

7. Australia and Cambodia share a defense organization that is focused on professionalization for the Royal Cambodian Armed forces.

8. Did you know Cambodia used to be called Kambuja?

9.  Vietnam- northeast from Cambodia

Thailand- northwest from Cambodia

Laos- fairly north from Cambodia

The Philippines- directly east from Cambodia

Maylasia- directly below Cambodia


200 word writing

The best Christmas ever!


On a Christmas Eve night, the Johnsons were preparing for the arrival of Santa. Lily and Mike were arranging the milk and cookies, but Daisy was out of sight. Meanwhile, two-year-old Daisy and Lollipop (the dog) were sitting on the front doorstep calling, “Santa, Santa, where are you?”.


It was the morning, Daisy jumped out of bed and was disappointed to see nothing, the cookies were still there, no presents and no Santa! Suddenly Daisy heard a loud whirring noise, Daisy looked up and spotted a big dark flying machine, “Mike, Lily come quick!”, Daisy called. As soon as Mike and Lily arrived, a strange creature jumped out of the machine. “Hello children, hop in”, the creature said in a robot-like voice. Even though the children had never seen this creature before the strange figure pulled them into the machine and together, they flew off.


“Look at all the buttons!”, Daisy said in delight. “Shh stay quiet”, Lily informed. “You have now reached your destination: Candy land forest!”, said a computerized voice.


As the machine came to a halt the three children saw an amazing sight. Straightaway Daisy jumped out, then she saw it, “Were in Candy-Land!”, Mike and Lily chorused.