200 word writing

The best Christmas ever!


On a Christmas Eve night, the Johnsons were preparing for the arrival of Santa. Lily and Mike were arranging the milk and cookies, but Daisy was out of sight. Meanwhile, two-year-old Daisy and Lollipop (the dog) were sitting on the front doorstep calling, “Santa, Santa, where are you?”.


It was the morning, Daisy jumped out of bed and was disappointed to see nothing, the cookies were still there, no presents and no Santa! Suddenly Daisy heard a loud whirring noise, Daisy looked up and spotted a big dark flying machine, “Mike, Lily come quick!”, Daisy called. As soon as Mike and Lily arrived, a strange creature jumped out of the machine. “Hello children, hop in”, the creature said in a robot-like voice. Even though the children had never seen this creature before the strange figure pulled them into the machine and together, they flew off.


“Look at all the buttons!”, Daisy said in delight. “Shh stay quiet”, Lily informed. “You have now reached your destination: Candy land forest!”, said a computerized voice.


As the machine came to a halt the three children saw an amazing sight. Straightaway Daisy jumped out, then she saw it, “Were in Candy-Land!”, Mike and Lily chorused.



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