My beach paradise Avatar!!


SBC- Week 1

Posted on March 18, 2020

The first task on the SBC 2020 is writing a post about your avatar, this is mine…

 I made my avatar on this website  and my avatar is a representation of me!

I have brown hair that is fairly below my shoulders, I like to wear blue and coloured clothes since blue is my favourite colour.

When me and my family go on beach holidays I enjoy building sun-castles and swimming in the ocean with my sisters and cousins.

I am a very funny and easy- going person which is why I like to wear bright and colourful clothes. I don’t usually wear plane white or black clothes as it simply just doesn’t represent me.

I haven’t been blogging for very long but I already know I love it, while blogging I get to produce my inner creativity!


That is the end of Post 1 Week 1 , I hope you enjoyed it and comment down below! 😊xx



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Country of Focus Week 6- Cambodia

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  1. Currently, the Cambodian flag has two blue stripes and a red center. The white building in the middle is the Angkor Wat.

2. Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia.

3. Cambodia’s capital city is Phnom Penh.

4. Cambodia is located in the northern hemisphere as well as the eastern hemisphere, it is in the tropical zone.

5. Cambodia’s official national language is Khmer, it is spoken by nearly 90% of Cambodia’s population!

6. Cambodia’s official national currency is the Cambodian Riel, 1 Australian dollar equals 2,656.23 Cambodian Riel.

7. Australia and Cambodia share a defense organization that is focused on professionalization for the Royal Cambodian Armed forces.

8. Did you know Cambodia used to be called Kambuja?

9.  Vietnam- northeast from Cambodia

Thailand- northwest from Cambodia

Laos- fairly north from Cambodia

The Philippines- directly east from Cambodia

Maylasia- directly below Cambodia