Commenting on others post

Comment 1- 4/10 This comment has many spelling mistakes and it is not focused on providing helpful feedback for the blogger.

Comment 2- 8/10 This comment is very interactive, it has asked questions to pose a sense of wonder for the blogger. It has excellent spelling and punctuation and it is very helpful and informative.

Comment 3- 6/10 This comment is good because it is providing the blogger with a sense of accomplishment since he/she has helped the reader despite this the commenter has not given any helpful feedback or advice for the blogger.

Comment 4- 3/10 This comment is not helpful for the blogger in any way. Sally has talked about irrelevant topics and has used various slang words and has many spelling and punctuation errors.

Comment 5- 7/10 This comment is quite helpful and effective in regards to the blogger, Tom has given feedback in many areas of the post. Despite saying this I would have used better wording in some sentences.

Comment 6- 2/10 This comment is about a completely irrelevant topic and doesn’t give the blogger any helpful information. It has many spelling errors and it uses slang and text words.

Comment 7- 3/10 This comment has basically zero helpful information and the person who commented didn’t give any reasons for liking it.

Comment 8- 7/10 This comment is interesting even though Dianne disagrees with the blogger, she says it in a polite way to show her thinking. 

From most to least helpful-

  1. Comment 2

2. Comment 5

3. Comment 8

4. Comment 3

5. Comment 1

6. Comment 4

7. Comment 7

8. Comment 6

2 thoughts on “Commenting on others post

  1. Hi Iris,
    I love how at the end of this post you organised and put the comments in order and how you rated each and every single comment! 🤪

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