What I though Abut Comments!


When I was  looking at other peoples blogs, I saw such great blogs! People have such great creativity ad I have so much in common with some other girls! Some people talked about COVID -19 and it really inspired me to keep going and to be kind to everybody!


I saw so many cool blogs and designs! My favourite was a girl named Annabella! She had these cool photos and she had put a pretty theme on her blog!


I was surprised by so much! One girl named Ellie (I think) had made THREE avatars! One was a turtle (haha)! Ellie (I think) had put so much effort into ALL of he posts and it was really fun to read!

Annabella – https://mvcsstudent74.edublogs.org/ : Annabella’s blog was so pretty and full of fun posts! You should definitely check her blog out!

Chloe – https://canariescoco.edublogs.org/ : I loved Chloe’s blog because she had put so much effort into her book review and she loved Hogwarts just like me!

Ellie – https://ellieayer19.edublogs.org/ : Ellie’s blog was sooo interesting and she did a great book review about ‘Racing in the Rain’! She used so much colour and she is a great writer!


Iris !! 🙂




March 1st 2020 – Iris

  • Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles on planet earth!
  • Crocodiles are closely related to dinosaurs and birds!
  • Crocodiles actually produce tears!
  • Crocodiles don’t chew their food (eww gross!)!
  • Crocodiles can keep there jaw open underwater!
  • Since Crocodiles are so big, there is a species called ‘Dwarf species’!
  • Crocodiles don’t produce any sweat!
  • Crocodiles have amazing night vision!