My Acrostic poem!

Iris- My name is Iris





My family!

In my family there is my mum who is so kind and caring, she loves to play netball and she is an amazing chef. My dad is a doctor and is so funny and he always comes to my sport games when he can! I have two sisters, one older one and one younger one; they are both amazing sisters and they would do any thing for me.


My Hobbies!

I love to play netball, I am a GA, GD and C. I enjoy playing camouflage with my friends as well as hanging out with them. My favourite subject at school is English and P.E, in my spare time I like to make origami in my bedroom. I enjoy watching Netflix and ten-play.

I hope you enjoyed this!!


Bye xx



One thought on “ABOUT ME PAGE!!

  1. Dear Iris,
    Hi Iris! My name is Kalaya’h Norris, one of the recent bloggers that joined the student blog challenge! I’m from the USA and a student from Venture Academy! I’m pleased to meet you!

    I seen your blog URL and I have to say, your blog is so pretty yet unique! I love it when people go the extra mile and make their blog stand out for people to notice! It’s pretty awesome if you ask me! I love the start of the page when you used your name as a poem! Very creative indeed!

    Also sorry for not mentioning none of the teams you were in! I wasnt all that big on sports since I sucked at it.

    Anyways, thank you so much for your time! Hopefully we’ll meet again soon!
    Kalayah Norris

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